SEED is a fresh take on a family comedy – three different families become united, whether they like it or not, by HARRY – their formerly anonymous sperm donor. Harry’s a likeable bachelor and bartender, eager to reap the benefits of fatherhood, without having all the responsibly.

As a young man Harry was young, dumb, and full of … well, sperm. To make extra cash, he went to a sperm bank, posing as an Ivy League student. At $250 a pop, Harry was able to help fund his nights of partying. Over the years – whenever times were tough – Harry returned to the Cryobank, ready to make another anonymous deposit. Giving sperm was easy. And Harry was good at it.

When our story begins years later, after the sperm bank’s database has been hacked, nine-year-old Billy knocks on Harry’s door. Harry is blown away to discover he has a kid! And the situation is compounded when Harry discovers that he also has a 15 year-old daughter, Anastasia. Both Billy’s parents, and Anastasia’s are reluctant to allow Harry into their lives, viewing him as an interloper. Meanwhile, Harry meets Rose, a beautiful, if neurotic, single woman who’s out to have a baby on her own.

Despite his permanent bachelor lifestyle, Harry comes to believe that his many sessions with that Swimsuit Catalogue at Cryobank may be the best thing he’s ever done. This new family dynamic will give Harry some meaning to his life, a legacy beyond his mastery of video games, and help him come to terms with his own father issues and fears of commitment.

SEED tells the story of Harry’s relationship with three unique and separate recipient families, with whom he’ll come to share more than just DNA.


2012-2013, 13 x 30 Minutes


Season 2 episodes online