Keeping Canada Safe

As the world tenses in response to an ever-increasing feeling of being under threat, most Canadians continue to report a strong sense of safety under our flag and within our borders. Compared with countries and peoples under siege worldwide, that is something to be celebrated. But we are becoming aware that our security is not to be taken for granted.

Terrorism threats, wildfires, cybercrime, assault, floods, robberies… these are the things Canadians talk about and struggle with every day, whether we live in a large urban centre under the pressure of an expanding and diverse population, or a remote community at the mercy of the elements. Our personal security, from disaster to crime and harassment and the safety of our children, is vital to us. Yet most of us spend little time thinking about what it means and how many thousands of people spend their days Keeping Canada Safe. And we need to. Funding is tight, the population is growing and changing, and the pressure to maintain national confidence is mounting.

Imagine what we might see if we took a snapshot of a day in the life of the men and women who are Keeping Canada Safe.

Over a single 24-hour period, 60 camera crews spanned into Canadian airspace, streets, parks, and homes to capture intimate and important stories in a bold, breathtaking, and dramatic account of what it takes to keep our country secure. Cameras flooded our largest cities and our smallest towns, from Haida Gwaii to Newfoundland, and from the Prairies to the Far North.

We’re telling the compelling personal stories of Canadians protecting this country and uncovering the ground-breaking technology that is constantly evolving to keep the nation secure. We’ve captured the powerful and poignant moments as people seek assistance, work to guard their friends, shelter their neighbours, and protect our way of life.


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Factual Series

2017, 8 x 30 Minutes
Documentary Series


Premieres March 16 at 9:00pm ET/PT