Border Security: Canada’s Front Line

Undergarments stuffed with drugs, stolen vehicles driven by thieves, loaded handguns in diaper bags, suitcases with smelly seafood and heroin hidden in wedding supplies: every day holds new surprises for the officers of the Canada Border Services Agency.

Season three of Border Security: Canada’s Front Line uncovers new and fascinating stories of life on the Canada / US border. This season, in addition to Pacific Region crossings in British Columbia, viewers are given exclusive access to Toronto and Southern Ontario checkpoints – including Toronto Pearson International Airport, the nation’s busiest travel hub.

Wanted fugitives, drug smugglers, convicted criminals, sex offenders and regular folks just trying to sneak a little something in are all part of the thousands of travellers who seek entry at Canada’s borders every day. It is the duty of the Canada Border Services Agency to identify the dangerous from the mundane. Each of its highly-trained officers must trust their instincts to investigate, educate and allow or deny access to travellers and goods of every origin.

Follow Canadian border services officers as they intercept suspicious characters and contraband from around the world in an effort to keep Canadians safe and weed out threats to the country’s health, workforce, and ecosystem.

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Factual Series

2012-2014, 26 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Documentary Series


Airs Sundays at 7:00pm ET/PT